All BBB CBD products are produced in a clinically clean laboratory in the heart of England, and produced from the finest European spec industrial Cannabis Sativa, sourced from a regulated farmer in Spain. Our hemp is of the finest quality, and imported directly to our production facility.  Each product is tested to the highest of standards, is competitively priced, with next working day delivery to the UK.


CBD is the second most prominent compound in Cannabis. The Cannabis plant contains many different cannabinoids (aspects of the plant) with the most famous being THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), which is the ingredient that gets you high. All BBB CBD products have below the legal limit of THC.  CBD has been found to help maintain the body’s natural health.


CBD helps maintain the body’s natural health, by stimulating the endo-cannabinoid system CBD has shown to have multiple benefits. In the UK CBD is a food supplement, and can only be marketed and sold as such. However we recommend all of our customers to speak to people who have taken it, independent online research, contact their own health professional or even contact the CTA.


Is CBD Extraction Legal?

Hemp oil and other hemp products are considered to be food-based by the FDA. As such, there are no restrictions on the production, sale and consumption of hemp oil in the UK. Hemp oil is legal in over 40 different countries and the number of hemp oil consumers is constantly on the rise with more and more studies showing the benefits of hemp oil.


Are CBD products addictive?

There are many studies and none prove CBD to be addictive in any way, nor harmful to the human body in long term use even in high doses, it is recommended to not exceed 200mg in a day.


Will CBD cure my illness ?

BBB CBD products are food supplements – we cannot make any substantiated medicinal claims with regards to CBD.  We ask that each person conducts their own research in correlation to their illness or infirmity.


Will CBD get me “High” ?

CBD is non-psychoactive.

Can I consume CBD whilst pregnant ?

We ask that you consult your own doctor about the benefits of CBD during pregnancy.

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